SRP Clean Energy Candidate for all

Chris Dobson is the most experienced SRP At-Large Board candidate

Chris Dobson is running for election to the Salt River Project Board of Directors, At-Large Board Seat #11. He has more than a decade’s worth of utility experience, having served on the SRP Council, and for a period of time on SRP’s Board. He is the most experienced At-Large SRP Board candidate running for election.

Chris is also a very progressive, clean energy candidate. He has a passion for advancing the renewable and storage resource portfolio at SRP. Dobson also has a keen interest in modifying SRP’s M-Power “pay-as-you-go” customer plan, to offer that class of customers a lower rate than they currently experience. SRP customers are encouraged to request a ballot to vote in SRP’s April 7th, 2020 Board and Council Election. See to sign up for a ballot by mail, and for more information.