SRP President & Vice-President.

The SRP President is the chief executive and is responsible over all other officers of the organization in the performance of their duties, and the conduct and business affairs of the organization. The president also presides at all meetings of the respective board and is an ex officio member of that board. The SRP Vice-President fulfills the duties and responsibilities of the president during the president’s absence. Together, they serve as the day-to-day representatives of the boards in the management of SRP.

SRP Board.

There is one Board for the Association and one Board for the District. The two Boards work with management to establish policies to further the business affairs of SRP. Most often, candidates seek election to both Boards..

  • There are fourteen SRP Board Directors, ten directors (one per district), and four at-large directors.

  • The At-Large Board Directors are elected by one-person=one vote, from the entire SRP voting area.

  • The Directors from Districts One through 10 are elected by shareholders from each district.

  • Elections alternate every 2 years: even numbered board seats in one cycle, odd numbered seats in the other cycle.

SRP Council.

The two Councils of SRP enact and amend bylaws relating to the governing bodies of SRP and also serve as liaisons to  landowners. There is one Council for the Association and one Council for the District. Most often, candidates seek election to both Councils.

  • There are three elected Councilmen per district.

  • The SRP voting area is divided into 10 districts.

  • SRP Councilmen serve four year terms

  • Elections alternate every 2 years: even numbered districts in one cycle, odd numbered districts in the other cycle.