Remembering SRP Board’s Fred Ash

Fred Ash, while serving the SRP Board of Directors.

Fred Ash Impacted the Lives of Millions of People

As an SRP Board Director for 36 years, Fred Ash, made incredible strides in making SRP the low cost, customer friendly power and water company that it is known as today.

When he first arrived at the Salt River Project, it was the 1980’s, and SRP customers had really been hit hard with double digit rate increases, due to some poor resource planning decisions and the high interest rate debt market at that time.

He played a large role in speaking out for the people, and applied a common sense, practical, conservative approach to setting SRP policy.

He narrowly lost re-election to the SRP board in 2016, that was driven primarily by the voter angst caused by the former general manager’s solar rate plan agenda, in the 2015 SRP Pricing Process. Many of the angry solar customers didn’t recognize that it was Fred Ash who championed for the residential solar customers in the 2015 rate hearings, by helping negotiate and put before the SRP board the “grandfathering” of all current and planned residential solar customers (as of 2015), that kept them off of SRP’s controversial 2015 solar rate plan. This wasn’t because he was a huge supporter of solar tax incentives, or rebates. It was for the very reason, it was fair and the right thing to do. Which is how he always decided his policy decisions.

You may not always agree with Fred Ash, but if you knew him, it was known that he always strived to be fair to all SRP customers.

God bless you Fred Ash!

SRP Money Saved, Rates Lowered

Tyler Francis, SRP Councilman from District 1, talks about the $100 million saved in 2019 in financing costs, and the SRP rate reduction of 2.7% overall. He shares SRP Board Director Keith Woods’ role in that undertaking. Keith Woods is running for re-election to the SRP Board of Directors on April 7, 2020. For more information about Keith Woods, and the SRP Elections go online at This message is paid for by ‘Friends of Keith Woods’, and is not an official message by SRP.

SRP Councilman Tyler Francis endorses Keith Woods for SRP Board of Directors. Watch more videos online at

Korn Ferry’s Preng Endorses Keith Woods for SRP Board

(SRP Election) Richard Preng, Managing Partner, Global Energy of Korn Ferry says “Keith Woods possesses a rare combination of passion, vision and high EQ.” Preng adds “Keith has an in-depth understanding of SRP’s mission and governance structure, and has its best interests at heart. A “doer”, Keith has been a valuable member of SRP’s Board for several years and shows no sign of slowing down in this capacity. SRP is lucky to have him as a Director.”

Keith Woods is running for re-election of the Salt River Project Board of Directors. For more information about the SRP Elections process, and how to request an early ballot request go online at

Elections for the Pro-Solar Salt River Project Board on April 7

SRP has come a long way since the 2015 rate hearings, that resulted in the controversial E-27 rate plan for residential solar customers in SRP’s service area, that covers much of Maricopa County, Arizona.SRP, the fourth largest public electric utility in the United States, has introduced several key renewable, solar, electric vehicle, and energy efficiency programs since then. With the directtion of SRP’s publically elected SRP Board of Directors, it has also entered into a recently approved rate plan (2) for customers using solar, and a battery storage option, that has received excellent reviews from experts in the Arizona solar industry.

According to one large Arizona solar and battery storage installer, “SRP customers can save even more than APS customers and avoid paying $100,000+ in utility power over the next 25 years with SRP’s solar rate plan!” (Alternative Energy LLC, statements by others are trying to convince the public that SRP customers can’t save money with solar According to Alternative Energy LLC, As of June 2019, SRP customers can save even more than APS customers. The average cost of electricity with SRP in Phoenix and neighboring cities is about 15 cents per kilowatt throughout the year. Wintertime can go as low as $7.11 during Off-Peak hours but your On-Peak charges can go as high as $35.77 in the summer. The average cost of electricity with the SRP Solar E-27 Customer Generation Plan is about $5.06 per kilowatt throughout the year. Wintertime can go as low as $3.90 and your On-Peak charges will never go above $6.22. People that own real estate in their own name, or in a living trust, within the SRP voting territory may be eligible to vote in the April 7, 2020 SRP Elections for the Board and Council. Voting may be done at select SRP designated polling locations, and by mail (but you need to request a ballot-by-mail). To receive an early ballot go to SRP’s elections website (