SRP’s Board Approves $1.25 Million in Assistance for Customers

SRP Approves Financial Support for Arizona’s Nonprofit and Business Communities Impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic. “The motion was made by SRP Board Director Keith Woods, and approved unanimously by the Board, in a teleconferenced meeting.”

“Salt River Project’s publicly-elected Board of Directors has approved more than $1 million in additional contributions to assist SRP’s residential and small business customers who might be having difficulty paying their electric bills as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Based on a proposal by management to SRP’s Board last Tuesday.”

Read the entire article online: Salt River Project Keith Woods

Korn Ferry’s Preng Endorses SRP Board’s Keith Woods

I first met Keith in December of 2017. Korn Ferry was selected by the SRP Board to conduct a succession exercise that resulted in the appointment of Mike Hummel as CEO of SRP. I led the Korn Ferry effort. Keith was SRP’s Succession Committee Chairman.

Richard Preng Korn Ferry

I believe that the succession exercise at SRP would not have been as efficient or effective as it was had it not been for Keith’s leadership.

Richard Preng, Korn Ferry

Keith’s guidance navigating the complexities of SRP’s ownership and Board structure was invaluable. We would not have been successful in the accomplishment of our task had it not been for his advice and counsel. He mapped out a strategy and timeline that allowed relevant parties to provide input, insured “buy-in” from key stakeholders, and held the Board accountable for the outcome. He also made sure that the process unfolded in a fair and transparent manner. Keith devised an ingenious method for the Board to screen the external and internal candidates. Affectionately described as “speed dating”, Keith selected an offsite venue that allowed each candidate to meet with all of the Board members without bumping into each other as they rotated from room to room. He also managed the media brilliantly, satisfying the need for public disclosure while preserving external candidate confidentiality.

Keith’s guidance navigating the complexities of SRP’s ownership and Board structure was invaluable.

Richard Preng, Korn Ferry

Keith possesses a rare combination of passion, vision and high EQ. He has the ability to understand differing stakeholder perspectives and reach consensus through open and honest dialogue. Keith is politically savvy without being political. Throughout the succession exercise, Keith had the best interests of SRP at heart. He never allowed anyone to lose sight of the objective.

In summary, a Board of Director’s most important responsibility is to ensure a successful CEO transition. I believe that the succession exercise at SRP would not have been as efficient or effective as it was had it not been for Keith’s leadership. He has an in-depth understanding of SRP’s mission and governance structure, and has its best interests at heart. A “doer”, Keith has been a valuable member of SRP’s Board for several years and shows no sign of slowing down in this capacity. SRP is lucky to have him as a Director.

Richard Preng
Managing Partner, Global Energy
Korn Ferry

Pro-Solar SRP Board Members Fight for Renewable Energy in This SRP Election

Many SRP Board members have advocated for more clean, renewable energy options like solar power, wind and even low-head hydro power, ever since the controversial 2015 SRP pricing process, lead by former CEO Mark Bonsall.

With the retirement of Bonsall, and the introduction of SRP’s new CEO Mike Hummel, the SRP board has been able to make significant policy changes like the SRP’s 2035 Sustainability Plan, lead by a team of experienced SRP elected officials like SRP President David Rousseau, and Power Committee chairman Keith Woods. Woods said “the time was right for the massive addition of solar power to our grid, with the significant decrease in cost, to build utility scale solar plants. Now we are waiting for the other shoe to drop, when it comes to price decreases in battery storage technology. It’s not there yet(with pricing), but I’m hopeful that battery prices will drop considerably in the next five years.”

According to a recent KJZZ-FM radio interview SRP Board Director Robert Arnett “is often an ally of the solar caucus on SRP’s board just not every single time. ‘I’m for rooftop solar, but I’m for it in a manner that allows other people to have choices as well,’ he said in an interview.”

Robert Arnett, SRP Board District 9,candidate for re-election. (read more)

“‘Arnett said if SRP incentivizes rooftop solar, rates might have to rise for other customers, like businesses or low income residents. He wants to find a middle ground.  In the meantime, Arnett points to the success SRP has had with utility-scale solar. These are big projects that create massive amounts of energy and where panels can track the sun as it moves. And the company last year introduced an ambitious plan to reduce carbon emissions 62 percent by 2035.'” 

Mark Lewis Received his SRP Mail-In Ballot for District 7 Board and Council

SRP Councilman Mark Lewis is running for re-election once more in a contested race in SRP’s District 7. This area covers SRP territory east of 24th Street, in Phoenix, to Pima Road in Scottsdale. And from the Salt River to the south to the Arizona Canal to the north (with an exception, to the Burgess canal between 40th street and 56th street)

When Mark received his early ballot, he demonstrated how he voted for the slate of Keep The Flow candidates: Keith Woods (Board), Mark Lewis (Council), Barry Paceley (Council), and Harmen Tjaarda (Council).

Ballots should be returned by mail to SRP no later than April 1st, to assure that your vote is received by SRP by 7pm, April 7th. For more questions about voting, contact Mark at

You will receive two SRP District 7 ballots to vote…a blue one for Water (the Association)

And a white SRP District 7 ballot for Electric (the District)

Photo courtesy of Mark Lewis

SRP’s Granite Reef Dam is Flowing

Wettest Season Since 1992

As a result of several storms that have hit the Salt and Verde river watersheds recently, the Salt River Project has begun releasing water from its two reservoirs on the Verde River to create additional storage capacity and provide operational flexibility to accommodate the increased runoff coming into the reservoirs. March 2020 is now the wettest March on the Salt and Verde watershed since 1992.

Credit: Salt River Project

Today’s water release from Granite Reef Dam, which is located southwest of the confluence of the Salt and Verde Rivers near Mesa, will increase from just over 400 cubic feet per second (cfs) to more than 3,000 cfs this morning. The water is expected to reach the unbridged Salt River crossings at Gilbert and McKellips roads by Saturday and will lead to road closures over the weekend. Flows at Granite Reef will fluctuate as SRP manages the inflow to the reservoirs.

SRP has notified Valley law enforcement agencies of the water releases and the potential that the water releases could continue for some time as snowmelt adds to runoff reaching the reservoirs. Local residents are urged to not recreate in or near the Salt River bed and avoid flooded, low-flow crossings as these releases can be extremely hazardous with strong and debris-filled currents.

Significant rain and high elevation snowfall this past fall and winter has created nearly perfect conditions for the watershed to generate abundant runoff. The unusually wet storms this month have resulted in sufficient runoff to fill the Verde reservoirs to near capacity necessitating spill releases to make room for additional runoff.

Bartlett Lake, the larger of the two Verde River reservoirs, and Horseshoe Lake will soon be reaching capacity with only about 5,000 acre-feet of available storage space between the two lakes on Friday morning.

Today, the combined Salt and Verde system is at 94 percent of capacity, up from 75 percent one year ago. The Salt River system is 93 percent full. Theodore Roosevelt Lake, which holds about two-thirds of the water SRP stores, is at 92 percent capacity. Roosevelt Lake is also expected to fill later this spring. The last time the Salt River Reservoir system filled to capacity was a decade ago when 1,430,000 acre feet of water flowed into the reservoirs.

Additionally, the wet winter weather pattern has also filled C.C. Cragin Reservoir, which reached capacity on March 4 and started spilling into East Clear Creek. Cragin Reservoir, located on one of the most productive watersheds in Arizona, fills about 70 percent of the time and last reached capacity in 2017 and 2019.

SRP’s current streamflow forecast is projecting the 2020 runoff season to produce 875,000 acre-feet of water. Three of the past four winters have experienced wet winters that produced above median inflows including 2017 and 2019, when nearly 1 million acre-feet of runoff flowed into the Salt and Verde reservoirs.

Note: This website is not associated with SRP, the Salt River Project.

Ray Artigue Supports SRP Board’s Keith Woods for Re-Election

Ray Artigue has been a community leader in the valley for more that 30 years. He’s headed up the Phoenix Open, the Thunderbirds, and played a significant role with Jerry Collangelo’s Phoenix Suns organization. He is also a longtime Arcadia (Phoenix) resident. In a recent interview Ray strongly endorsed Keith Woods for re-election to the SRP Board of Directors. Ray said, “You want to somebody who is involved, and that happens when a volunteer takes their role seriously and that is Keith Woods. Consistency, participation, advocacy…Keith has chaired so many committees as he’s served on the board over the years – power committee, governance and the rest. I know of no better director for SRP and let’s hope that he can continue to serve us.” “My wife and I have lived in Arcadia all of our adult lives, and raised our family here. Arcadia is very special, very unique, One of the things that makes it that way is the citrus trees and the expansive green lawns, and that is all possible because of the canal system, the irrigation district, and the flood irrigation.” Without that Arcadia becomes just another also-ran, me-too kind of neighborhood, and we never want to see that happen.”

About Ray Artigue

Ray Artigue is the founder of Artigue Advisors, a marketing consulting firm that he founded in 2016. Prior to starting this firm, Artigue served for four years as Executive Director of the MBA Sports Business Program at Arizona State University, where as a Professor of Practice, he also developed and taught numerous graduate-level courses. For 15 seasons, Artigue served as Senior Vice President of Marketing Communications for the NBA Phoenix Suns. While there, he was credited with developing many “best practices” throughout the league and often was a trainer/consultant to various NBA franchises.

SRP Clean Energy Candidate for all

Chris Dobson is the most experienced SRP At-Large Board candidate

Chris Dobson is running for election to the Salt River Project Board of Directors, At-Large Board Seat #11. He has more than a decade’s worth of utility experience, having served on the SRP Council, and for a period of time on SRP’s Board. He is the most experienced At-Large SRP Board candidate running for election.

Chris is also a very progressive, clean energy candidate. He has a passion for advancing the renewable and storage resource portfolio at SRP. Dobson also has a keen interest in modifying SRP’s M-Power “pay-as-you-go” customer plan, to offer that class of customers a lower rate than they currently experience. SRP customers are encouraged to request a ballot to vote in SRP’s April 7th, 2020 Board and Council Election. See to sign up for a ballot by mail, and for more information.

SRP Elections – Candidate Pancake Breakfast

Do you love pancakes? Then you’ll really love our St. Patrick’s Pancake Breakfast: Saturday, March 14th from 8am to 10am. You and your family are in for some Arcadia neighborhood hospitality for our “Arcadia St. Patrick’s Pancake Breakfast” hosted by SRP Board Director Keith Woods, SRP Councilmen Barry Paceley, Harmen Tjaarda and Mark Lewis. 

  • Complimentary Breakfast
  • Coffee and juice
  • Fresh Arcadia grown citrus for the taking

It’s also a great opportunity to connect with Arcadia’s elected leaders at SRP, and to sign-up for SRP mail-in ballots, if you haven’t had the chance too.

SRP Elections – The Burton Barr Connection Between Mario Herrera and Keith Woods

Keith Woods Called a “Team Builder” and a “Statesman”

SRP Board Director Mario Herrera reflects on his friendship of more than 20 years with fellow SRP Board Director Keith Woods. Their friendship first started when they served on the SRP Council together, when Keith arrived at SRP in 1996. They also had a bond with a mutual friendship with the late Honorable Burton Barr, who for many years served as an Arizona State Representative, and Majority House Leader. Mario commends Keith as a “team builder” and a “statesman”, characteristics gained from Keith’s experiences as a page at the Arizona State House, under Representative Burton Barr from 1983 to 1984.

(Keith) was one of the chairman of the first governance committees…that was the greatest appointment that (SRP President) David (Rousseau) ever made, because at that time we had a lot of chaos, a lot of problems, and Keith… brought it together.

Mario Herrera, SRP Board Director, District 3

Keith Woods has served Salt River Project as an elected Board Director, since 2000, and the Council since 1996. He is presently the Board Chairman of the SRP Power Committee. Previously Keith has chaired the SRP Governance Committee, and the SRP Community Relations Committee. He is credited for his significant role in authoring SRP’s succession planning process, and for creating the Governance Coordinating Group, comprised off all elected bodies’ leadership and management.

For more information about Keith Woods go online at

SRP Election Pancake Breakfast

Enjoy a free Pancake Breakfast with your candidates for the SRP Board and Council, on Saturday, March 14th, 2020, from 8am to 10am on the front lawn of the home of Joan and Barry Paceley. Barry Paceley is seeking re-election to the SRP Council, as is Harmen Tjaarda, and Mark Lewis. Keith Woods is seeking re-election to the SRP Board of Directors, in District 7. Other SRP Board Director candidates like Chris Dobson (running for SRP Board At-Large #11) are expected.

Arcadia St. Patrick’s Pancake Breakfast – Candidates for SRP

  • Where: Paceley’s, 52nd Street & Osborn Road, Phoenix
  • When: Saturday, March 14th, 8am to 10am
  • What: Free community pancake breakfast
  • Do: Enjoy hanging out with neighbors, sign up for the SRP Board and Council Elections early ballots
  • Questions? Call Keith Woods at 602-475-8179,