Elect the DISTRICT 8 TEAM for these challenging times!

Deborah S

For SRP Association and District Boards:

Mark L

For SRP Association and District Councils:

Mark C

For SRP Association and District Councils:

Scott G

For SRP Association and District Councils:

We are the TEAM with decades of experience representing District 8 on SRP’s Boards and Councils.  We have demonstrated responsible leadership despite challenging times in the power and water industries. Under our stewardship, Salt River Project is a recognized leader in:

  • stewardship of our resources, including

    • reducing carbon emissions,

    • promoting forest health,

    • increasing sustainability goals, and

    • pursuing advanced clean, energy sources

  • improving water sources, storage and quality

  • adopting new technology to decrease costs and increase efficiency; and

  • customer service and increasing choices for customers.

With your support, we will continue the excellence at SRP and “Keep the Flow” of affordable, reliable, and sustainable water and power to our shareholders and customers!

Re-Elect Deborah Hendrickson to SRP BOARD

Debbie has represented District 8 on the SRP Councils and Boards for 22 years and was one of the first women elected to the Board. She has served as an active and engaged member or chairperson of all Board Committees. She is well-respected and well-versed in the local and national power and water issues.

Re-Elect Mark Farmer to SRP COUNCIL

Mark’s Mission Statement:  My hopes are to protect and enrich our water supply with additional storage and promote smarter energy sources, solar and storage with improved technology, all while maintaining costs and reliability.  The healthier forest is a goal on the horizon.  The shareholders and the customers are what make Salt River Project special.

Re-Elect Mark Pedersen to SRP COUNCIL

Mark has served on the SRP District and Association Councils for 13 years.  He was born and raised in Arizona and his background in farming, business and community involvement bring exceptional value to his service on SRP’s Councils.  With your support, Mark looks forward to continuing to protect the interests of SRP shareholders and customers.

Elect Scott Andersen to SRP COUNCIL

Scott will be new to the SRP Council and will bring a fresh perspective based on his 22 years of experience practicing law in Arizona. He is a civil litigator and specializes in municipal law and construction-related disputes. His experience will add value to SRP’s Council as the Valley’s population continues to grow.

We Endorse Keith Woods for SRP President and Chris Dobson for SRP Vice-President

Paid for by Deborah Hendrickson, Mark Farmer, Mark Pedersen and Scott Andersen