SRP Board and Council District 7
These Elected SRP Leaders Are Dedicated to Reliable, Affordable Power and Water

SRP District 7 Board Director Keith Woods and SRP Councilmen Mark Lewis, Barry Paceley, and Harmen Tjaarda are committed to meeting the needs of SRP customers. With their experience and judgment, they ensure that SRP remains a trusted public utility providing reliable, affordable power and water.

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SRP District 7: Representing Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tempe

Public Power and Water Benefits Communities with Reliability, and Affordability

Empowering Communities with Reliable and Affordable Public Power: Support SRP’s Dedicated Leadership for a Stronger Future

Having Salt River Project (SRP) as a public utility is of utmost importance for its customers, shareholders, and the entire state. Public power utilities, like SRP, bring numerous benefits to communities. They ensure reliability by prioritizing their communities’ needs and are not driven by profit. Affordability is another advantage, as public power utilities can leverage economies of scale and avoid paying dividends to shareholders. Furthermore, SRP’s local control ensures that decisions align with community priorities. By supporting the experienced and practical leadership of Board Director Keith Woods and Councilmembers Mark Lewis, Barry Paceley, and Harmen Tjaarda, we can preserve and strengthen SRP’s role as a trusted public utility. Let us embrace the benefits of public power, including reliable service, affordability, local control, and support for economic development.

Re-Elect Keith Woods to the SRP Board: Committed to Keeping SRP Affordable, Reliable and Sustainable

As our SRP board member, and a longtime member or our community, Keith Woods is a commonsense leader who is committed to keeping SRP an AFFORDABLE, RELIABLE, and SUSTAINABLE source of water and power for us. Keith’s top priority as our voice on the SRP board is to look out for us and ensure SRP continues to offer its services affordably, reliably, and sustainably. Learn more about Keith on his website

Experienced and Practical Leaders at SRP

Discover and celebrate the exceptional elected leaders at SRP who embody the spirit of “Keep The Flow” advocacy. These distinguished Board Directors and Council members exemplify a practical and customer-centric approach to shaping SRP’s policies, earning the utility its esteemed reputation as the leading provider of customer service in the public utility sector today.

SRP District 7 Board and Council Help With Arcadia’s 4th of July Parade

Arcadia’s 2023 4th of July Parade was a remarkable success, thanks to the dedicated efforts of numerous individuals. Co-chaired by Barry Paceley, SRP Councilman (District 7), and supported by the selfless contributions of dozens of passionate Arcadia residents, the parade truly showcased the spirit of community collaboration. Additionally, the involvement of esteemed personalities such as SRP Board Director Keith Woods, Councilman Mark Lewis, and Councilman Harmen Tjaarda, all representing District 7, added further significance to the event. Their voluntary commitment and unwavering support played an instrumental role in making this year’s parade a memorable celebration of unity and patriotism. Together, they exemplified the essence of community engagement and demonstrated the power of collective action in creating an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.